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Games, like other human activities are enmeshed in social meaning. Games are thus vehicles of expression by both the player and designer. Playing a meaningful game fires the imagination like nothing else.
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Undergraduate, AOS
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School of Art
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The AOS program is a professional degree designed for high school graduates and adults with or without previous college experience. This is an intensive, two-year, all art-and-design-based curriculum, offering a strong foundation in design along with capstone courses, internship opportunities, and a professional portfolio upon graduation. The program attracts highly motivated students who, upon completing their studies, move quickly into the fields of graphic design, advertising, illustration, web design, game design, package design, and publishing, as well as an array of interactive media fields.

A videogame concept piece for a young character with cybernetic enhancements. He stands valiantly, facing the viewer.
Work by Brandon LeCadre, AOS Game Design and Interactive Media ‘20
A poster for a videogame called