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Our program provides a professional and creative learning environment in conjunction with a rigorous career-focused art and design curriculum, balancing technical knowledge and skills with the development of critical thinking and conceptual abilities.
A painting of flowers, bees, dragons, tarot cards and birds on an unconventionally shaped canvas.
Work by Bailey Rhodes, AAS Painting/Drawing ‘20
Undergraduate, AAS
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School of Art
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The AAS program is a preprofessional degree program providing the student with the first two years of a four-year bachelor of fine arts course of study. Upon comp­letion, students graduate with an AAS degree and have the option of entering an arts profession or applying for transfer into a four-year BFA program at Pratt or another school of their choice. The program offers a strong foundation, advanced-level art and design courses, and a liberal studies component, all combined to create a comprehensive transfer degree.

An abstract painting of two explosions on a light blue background. The explosions are colored in yellow and orange hues.