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In an atmosphere of curiosity, empathy and social responsibility, you’ll prepare for a successful career in art, technology and entertainment, cultivating outstanding animation, interactive arts, and gaming artists and professionals.
artist standing in front of projector, with designs behind her
Work from Performance and Electronic Media by Olivia Hatcher, BFA ‘23
Undergraduate, BFA
Digital Arts and Animation
School of Art
4 years
Courses Plan of Study

Students use interactive technology to explore ideas in projects that range from large-scale installations and interactive objects to virtual/augmented reality and data driven artworks. These artworks combine technology and traditional art media with video, animation, text, audio, and imagery that are controlled by sensors, data and programming. Courses include interactive media, coding for artists, interactive installation, physical computing, and a range of interactive studio courses. Recommended electives include courses in sculpture, history of new media, AR/VR, artificial intelligence, electronic music, and special effects.

a tv monitor on a wood table, with a depiction of a black person on the screen itself, with only their chin and shoulders visible
Work from Physical Computing by Ananda Ray, BFA ‘24
decorative artwork by Naeem Murdic BFA ‘20
Naeem Murdic BFA ‘20, DreamScape, an interactive film

1) Students will be able to demonstrate sophisticated concepts in the work.
2) Students demonstrate a rigorous studio practice.
3) Students will demonstrate technical skill with digital media.
4) Students will be able to realize finished work(s) in a public exhibition.
5) Students will be able to effectively communicate and engage in discourse about all aspects of the work.

object in glass case, in front of tv monitor
Work from Interactive Studio II by Jianhao_Zheng, BFA ‘24
wind instrument in classroom
Work from Coding for Sculpture by Jiuwen Zeng, BFA ‘24