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Stuart Rentzler

Visiting Instructor

Associate Degrees
School of Art

Stuart Rentzler has worked as a programmer, artists, and innovator. His past projects have included: co-founding and running of an outdoor jumbtron in New York City for artists to share their work with the public; he has been involved with the art of 3-D printing for more than a decade and has created sculptures and 3-D printable art toys. His career of coding and art has brought him to many intersections of art and emerging technology. He has promoted the arts through the setting up of shows and working with established artists to create software art and other digital and real-life experiences.

He has worked in the fields of advertising, publishing, and broadcasting and continues to strive to help people connect ideas with the structures that make visions happen. Finding strength in coding to give a frame to layer design on top of, he is currently working on projects that help connect people with the resources they need to find personal and professional fulfillment.

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Bachelor’s degree, Polytechnic University.