Mission Statement

The B.F.A. in Film at Pratt Institute prepares students to become innovative and professional moving image artists by developing each student’s creative vision. Through the production of a series of projects, students gain analytical, technical, and communication skills. The program provides a foundation in all aspects of the production of time-based media and encourages students to explore various modes of filmmaking, including narrative, documentary, experimental, video art, and hybrid. Graduates are expected to demonstrate excellence in artistic vision, professional skills, and a contextual understanding of their work in contemporary culture.

Learning Outcomes

Upon graduation from the BFA in Film, the student is expected to be competent in the following areas:

  1. Student is able to effectively plan, oversee, and complete all phases of the filmmaking process (pre- production, production and post- production). 
  2. Student is able to clearly conceptualize a cinematic project within a historical, theoretical or cultural context. 
  3. Student is able to demonstrate technical and aesthetic proficiency in service to the cinematic project.
  4. Student is able to communicate creative, aesthetic and conceptual ideas.

See Film, BFA Curriculum Overview and Yearly Plan of Study