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Minors allow students greater opportunity to add cross-disciplinary knowledge and competencies to their major program of study.
film crew holding timecode board while subject sits in front of camera
Jade McKinney, Inscription BTS
Photo Credit: Hayley Sessoms
School and Department
School of Art,

The Film/Video Department offers a 15-credit minor to undergraduates from all departments, consisting of 9 studio-based credits in the Film/Video department, 3 credits in a history of film/video course, and 3 credits in a media theory course. Students who minor in Film/Video will graduate with the fundamental practical and theoretical skills needed to express themselves creatively through motion media. 

Please note: there is an application process for the Film/Video minor.

Minor Coordinator
Eric Trenkamp

two women in front of a camera, point of view from behind camera
Miriam Haspel, I remembered that I have free will Photo Credit Vasili Sakkos_BTS (1)