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Our program provides a professional and creative learning environment in conjunction with a rigorous career-focused art and design curriculum, balancing technical knowledge and skills with the development of critical thinking and conceptual abilities.

An abstract Illustration resembling paint blotches of red, pink, purple and orange hues.
Work by Wendy Li, AOS Illustration ‘20
Undergraduate, AOS
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School of Art
Courses Plan of Study

The AOS program is a professional degree designed for high school graduates and adults with or without previous college experience. This is an intensive, two-year, all art-and-design-based curriculum, offering a strong foundation in design along with capstone courses, internship opportunities, and a professional portfolio upon graduation. The program attracts highly motivated students who, upon completing their studies, move quickly into the fields of graphic design, advertising, illustration, web design, game design, package design, and publishing, as well as an array of interactive media fields.

An illustration with a hand at the very top grabbing a mosquito-like character. Beneath is a fish-headed man with fishing rod that has a shark trapped by the bait. Beneath that is a cacophony of character conveying an ecstatic imagination of a girl at the very bottom.
Work by Daniel Herrera, AOS Illustration ‘20