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Deborah Caponera

Assistant Professor

Associate Degrees
School of Art

Deb Caponera is an award winning photographer, and a well respected graphic designer and educator with great passion for design, typography, the printing process, and printing history.

Forging deeper connections through inclusiveness and community, advocacy and activism, and volunteer service, Deb instills a sense of working and creating for the greater good in her art, as well as within her students.

“I’m deeply interested the power of graphic design as a tool of communication and influence. Living in a culture that is largely guided by visual messaging I aim to help students look beyond themselves and deliver compelling messaging through their work that makes a difference. Simultaneously, I guide them towards understanding the power they possess as communicators and the responsibility that goes with that power.”

Deb lives in Brooklyn, NY with her husband and 2 Carolina Dogs, Verlaine and Mauricio.

Western CT State University

Art Students League of New York