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Through a wide variety of cross-disciplinary study, you’ll be prepared to effect change in the world with the art you create at Pratt and beyond.

Khaska Dottin, MFA Fine Arts Printmaking '22
Graduate, MFA
Fine Arts
School of Art
Courses Plan of Study

Our MFA degree is in fine arts rather than any specific medium or discipline. Though many students are committed to an area of interest—whether painting and drawing, printmaking, sculpture, or integrated practices—they are free to explore other forms and approaches as their work evolves. Faculty and students build close relationships through structured studio visits, seminars, and informal conversations. These relationships create vital communities and support networks that endure long after graduation.

The Printmaking Curriculum is designed to encourage a wide variety of cross-disciplinary study. We expect that this broad based education will arm our students to effect change in the world with the art they create during their time at Pratt and beyond. The Faculty generously invest themselves in an intergenerational dialogue that is unique to New York. All practicing artists, writers, or critics, they bring with them conceptual rigor and a respect for the achievement of craft employed in their own practices. In addition, visiting artists, curators, critics, and arts professionals lecture and conduct studio visits.

Erik Wangsvick, MFA Fine Arts '19 Printmaking
Taylor Bielecki. Monoprint on paper 12 x 16.

  1. Students will meet contemporary standards of professional practice in their fields and have a broad understanding of how the art world functions and effective strategies for sustaining their creative practice in a complex and rapidly changing world.
  2. Students’ work will manifest a high level of proficiency in the use of materials and knowledge of contemporary modes of production.
  3. Students will demonstrate a broad critical understanding of issues in contemporary art, and situate their creative practice in its historical and contemporary contexts.
  4. Students will conceive and execute a capstone MFA Thesis exhibition that is rigorous in its conception and execution and demonstrates the clear development of the artist’s expressive capacities at a level comparable to successful professionals in the field.
Taylor Dean, MFA Fine Arts '21
Tyler Allen