The Department of Art and Design Education offers a dynamic and cross-disciplinary 15-credit minor for students from across the Institute. The minor opens up participatory opportunities beyond the gates for students across the Institute and reflects the growing interest in the role of the art and design practices in youth and community development. Through coursework, fieldwork research, and practicum experiences in a variety of community educational settings (such as after school programs, community organizations, and museums), students will explore creative practices in the public sphere. They will conceive and develop educational experiences in a reciprocal relationship with community and cultural organizations. Students will be encouraged to address complex social issues, to experiment with new ideas and materials, and to consider themselves collaborators and partners in addressing the possible role of art and design in social change and transformation. In addition, the minor will allow students from across the Institute to learn how to design and implement educational projects, which will expand their opportunities and build their capacity to participate in the creative industries.

For more information, please contact:
Aileen Wilson, Chair
Department of Art and Design Education
Main 202

Minor Curriculum

Community Art and Design Education, 2018