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Address complex social issues, experiment with new ideas and materials, and shape art and design's role in social change and transformation, in collaboration with schools, community, and cultural organizations.
Molly Burki, MA Art and Design Education, 2023
Graduate, MA
Start Term
Fall Only
3 semesters
Plan of Study
School and Department
School of Art,
Art and Design Education

Pratt’s MA and Advanced Certificate in Art and Design Education programs with initial New York State teacher certification (visual arts, all grades) prepares students to integrate their intensive studio preparation with learning how to teach in the context of contemporary art and design practices. Students engage in fieldwork and student teaching experiences that help to integrate their studio knowledge with art and design education theory and instructional practices. Grounded in theories and practices in art and design education students also complete thesis research on curriculum. Throughout their teaching experiences in K-12 schools and community-based educational settings, students provide holistic studio learning opportunities for children and young people, value children and young people’s social and cultural assets; and connect to their families and communities.

Graduates are proficient in their written and spoken communication about art and design education in the context of contemporary art and design and qualified to pursue creative and professional lives as visual arts teachers, art administrators, community art educators, teaching artists, museum and gallery educators and more. Pratt’s location in New York City’s thriving art and design education community offers ample opportunities for students to network through fieldwork, student teaching, internships and summer opportunities in the city’s schools, museums and community-based organizations.

Students in the MA in Art and Design Education working with a middle school student
Students in the MA in Art and Design Education working with a middle school student.
Project Examples
Project Examples

  • Integrate studio knowledge and skills grounded in contemporary art practice into the art and design curriculum.
  • Articulate, apply and reflect upon knowledge of pedagogy and instruction in art and design education.
  • Apply knowledge of learners, belief in their ability to learn, and cultural awareness to planning and instruction.
  • Demonstrate the ability to work collaboratively within school and community contexts to promote culturally relevant pedagogy and equitable learning opportunities.