Events and Exhibitions Spring 2019


The ADE Department hosts exhibitions throughout the semester. Certain exhibitions are scheduled every semester, including those for Student Teaching and Thesis. Other curatorial proposals from ADE students, alumni, and faculty are welcome. Please visit our Flickr account for documentation and images of these exhibitions.

Many of the exhibitions take place in the Nancy Ross Project Space.

The Mission of The Nancy Ross Project Space

  • Exhibit the work of the Art and Design Education (ADE) faculty, students, and alumni
  • Share the variety and scope of departmental research
  • Showcase curated exhibitions of interest to the ADE community and to the Institute
  • Support the realization and vision of emerging educational curators

The Background of the Nancy Ross Project Space

  • Nancy Ross was a longtime member of the Pratt community. After graduating with an M.F.A. in printmaking from Pratt in 1969, she taught art in a public high school and college in Staten Island. In 1973, she began her long tenure in what was then called the Art Education Department, as a professor and Director of the Saturday Art School, retiring in 2005.
  • The Nancy Ross Project Space was opened on April 10, 2010 by then ADE Chair Amy Brook Snider and Larry Ross, Nancy’s husband, with an exhibition of Nancy’s paintings. In attendance were ADE alumni, students, faculty, and Pratt staff.
  • The space came into being through the generous support and encouragement of many of the people who loved and admired Nancy—her family, students, friends, and colleagues.


Each semester, ADE hosts lectures, panels, and other events that are open to the Pratt community as well as public audiences. Please visit our Flickr account for documentation and images of these events.

Three Generations of Printmaking (Spring 2020) encompassed three generations of printmakers involved with Pratt Institute's Art and Design Education and Printmaking Departments. John Bartlet, a Pratt alum with degrees from two programs, an MFA in Printmaking and an Advanced Certificate in Teaching (‘07) represented the first generation. Bartlet’s work focuses on relief cut wood, inked to bring out his carvings. Bartlet runs the art department at Tower Hill School in Wilmington, Delaware. 

The second generation was represented by Drue Schwartz (BFA/MS 20’), Bartlett’s student in photography and printmaking at Tower Hill in 2013-2014, where he introduced them to silkscreen practices.

The representatives from the third generation were Schwartz’ kindergarten students who they taught at East Elmhurst Community School, a public elementary school in North Queens.











Exhibiting Education (2017), was an exhibition of works by New York City Public School Students under the guidance of ADE student teachers.











Exhibiting Education (2016) was an exhibition of works by both undergraduate and graduate students that reflected their exploration of philosophical, historical, and contemporary themes of urban education. 











Exhibiting Education . . . reimagining urban myths (2015), was an exhibition of multidisciplinary artworks by students in the Art and Design Education Program that reflects and responds to the historical, social, cultural, political, institutional, and personal contexts for learning. 










Contructed Tunnel Books from Millennium Art Academy, Bronx featured work by students from Millennium Art Academy, a New York City public high school, located in the Castle Hill neighborhood of the Bronx. Their teacher, Laura Blau (Pratt MFA in Printmaking, 2012), models her classroom after her higher education experiences in fine art and fashion design. This exhibition featured hand-measured, hand-built, and originally conceptualized paper tunnel books. The students worked through all phases of construction, and then collaged their surfaces, transform-ing them into unprecedented, magical worlds, or scenes with themes.









Object, Gesture, and Story in the Public Sphere featured student work by Pratt students from across the campus who took courses with Theodora Skipitares in the Performance of Fashion and Puppetry. Students’ work explored the close connection between the contemporary worlds of fashion and performance art and the worlds of puppetry and teaching through the contemporary language of object, gesture, and story in the public sphere.










The portrait is a subject matter that has been explored throughout history by artists of all backgrounds, religions, and ethnicities. Artists have attempted to capture the essence of the person through a variety of media, whether it be paint, pencil, or photography. As process and technology has advanced in the field over time, artists have expanded their materials and techniques in the studio as well as the variety of people they wish to capture in their work. This exhibition was an attempt to showcase that variety.

Educators: Spy Kontarinis, Sarah Grace Holcomb, and Carlos Rosado