Shaping and Sustaining Thriving Cultures in the 21st Century

The mission of the Arts and Cultural Management (ACM) graduate program is to build on Pratt Institute's international reputation for developing creative leaders. Our program mission is to develop leaders able to use their creativity strategically to foster creative expression, build creative community, and shape a commerce of ideas and images in an increasingly mediated world. The program is designed to emphasize the importance of cultivating creative capital by bridging the "three C’s": culture, community, and commerce. ACM program participants actively examine how to use the creative arts to develop and sustain thriving cultures and create prosperity.

Program participants collaborate with faculty and each other to achieve the following outcomes:

  • Apply theory to practice to develop and sustain thriving cultures and create prosperity.
  • Demonstrate the power of collaborative practice to foster creative expression, build creative community and shape a commerce of ideas, artifacts, images, and experiences.
  • Evidence the value of cultural leadership and the importance of cultural capital in shaping the 21st century.

Program participants achieve these outcomes by:

  • Engaging in simulations and applied practice projects that test theory against the dynamic and evolving realities of a changing world.
  • Working in teams to discover opportunities to use the arts to tackle problems that require collaboration.
  • Integrating and applying learning in strategy formulation and implementation, finance, marketing and law, innovation and decision making, operations planning, cultural programming, human resource management, and negotiation across practice projects.
  • Designing applied research projects that deliver creative and strategic approaches to critical cultural challenges.
  • Developing team charters and professional and personal development plans and engaging in ongoing peer coaching.

See Arts and Cultural Management, MPS Curriculum Overview and Yearly Plan of Study