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beta space exhibition from outside

Beta Space:  A community space that encourages student interaction with technology through inquiry, play and collaboration. 

DeKalb Gallery from January 21st – March 6th 

Materials and Technology Gallery, ARC from February 24th – March 14th 

Programming introduces students to new technologies, inspires curiosity and develops comfort and fluency through play. Faculty and staff are encouraged to propose and coordinate programming ideas! Examples of events include presentations by Pratt faculty of ongoing research, introductions to local businesses bridging visual languages and technology and talks with artists whose practice explores scientific language and/or technological fabrication. Workshops include basic virtual reality experiences, documenting student’s work with digital photography and color theory, online avatar identity and introductions to robotics. 

In addition to programming, the space is open 9am-5pm, M-F for students to come by and interact with digital microscopes, electronics materials, AV equipment, theory-based board games, and computers w/ access to online gaming/VR. An environment based on collaboration and peer-to-peer learning is encouraged where students can experiment with technology in visual and hands-on ways. The space is staffed with monitors who can help troubleshoot specific questions, encourage student research and develop student-led projects. Discrete ‘learning centers’ are available that introduce students to basic scientific phenomenon that relates to a visual understanding of the world (such as color theory/material density). 

Basem Aly – Associate Director of Research and Strategic Projects, Interactive Services 

Harriet Salmon – Fine Arts Operations Manager, Fine Arts

Helio Takai – Interim Dean, School of Liberal Arts and Sciences 

Joseph Morris – Form & Technology Labs manager, School of Design 

Mary Lempress – Department Technician, Math and Science 


  • Friday, Feb. 14th 12-1pm
  • Monday, Feb. 18th and 19th 12-2pm
    • Workshop: Origami with Goran Konjevod
    • Goran is an origami master and theoretical computer scientist. His folding work is mostly abstract shapes naturally formed by the tension of the paper when multiple layers of paper are arranged according to regular or irregular patterns. In particular, the pieces focusing on pleat tessellations have been developed from a single urform discovered by Paul Jackson. Come learn techniques with him at our workshop!
  • Thursday, Feb. 20th 12-1pm
    • Visiting Nonprofit: Brooklyn Research
    • Started by artists and musicians, Brooklyn Research is a nonprofit, interdisciplinary space focused on technological innovation, research, and creative practice. They provide a platform for established artists, technologists, and researchers to create engaging discourse through novel experimentation. Through events, media, and workshops they hope to build an empowered community through an understanding of the technology that informs our daily lives.
  • Thursday, Feb. 20th 12-1pm
    • Workshop: Micro:bit Technology
    • Micro:bit is an open source hardware ARM-based embedded system designed by the BBC for use in computer education. Come learn the basic building blocks with Monica Maceli, Pratt faculty at our School of Information.
  • Friday, Feb. 21st 12-1pm
    • Artist Talk: Harriet Salmon
    • Come hear Beta Space collaborator Harriet Salmon speak about her own studio practice, podcast and the use of technology and fabrication in the post-school workspace.
  • Monday, Feb. 24th 12-2pm
    • Data Bites: Bioplastics
    • Join us for lunch and a presentation on bioplastics by Cindie Kehlet and Jessica Smith from Pratt’s own Math and Science department!
flyer for Beta Space
flyer for Beta Space
flyer for Beta Space Origami
demonstration of creative coding with the Micro:Bit
flyer for Beta Space genspace
Pratt Campus building
Student testing VR
Student testing VR
VR test station
laptop running VR
students using VR
students using VR
students using VR
students using VR
students gathering at event
students gathering at event