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You can’t escape the moving image. Whether in theaters, television, and art galleries or on smartphones, YouTube, building façades, and cabs, movies are everywhere. The magic of cinema, which shocked audiences at its inception, is now fully integrated into our daily lives. How can you, as a young artist, make the most of this moment? How can you explore all the exciting new possibilities of film and video, while still becoming skilled in the relevant traditions?

Pratt’s BFA in Film program is designed to grow the next generation of innovators in moving image and sound. We offer a solid foundation in the culture, techniques, and processes of filmmaking, with training in both traditional and nontraditional forms. At Pratt, there are no limits. Fiction or nonfiction? Commercial or art world? These may be boundaries you choose to move beyond. Your classes will take you through all modes of film and video (narrative, documentary, experimental, and hybrid), encouraging intellectual cross-fertilization and allowing you to shape your own artistic vision. While our program provides students with professional training in all current technologies, our priority is creative expression.


Curriculum and Resources

In our curriculum, award-winning film/video artists and industry professionals teach an exciting range of courses, from the foundational first-year Digital Cinema sequence to the culminating Senior Project, in which each student makes a short film as his/her senior thesis. Throughout the program, students create, write, direct, and edit as “total filmmakers,” rather than focusing on one area. We provide a core curriculum of rigorous required courses, while simultaneously encouraging students to follow their own interests as they choose electives, which include dynamic film/video topics as well as interdisciplinary collaborations with students in other majors. For example, consider an elective in Dreams, Memories, and Hallucinations, a nontraditional animation and AfterEffects class, or collaborate with fashion design students in Film + Fashion, and explore the rich interaction of costume and the moving image. Challenge yourself to learn from your peers and your environment, as well as your professors.

Access is key. In the Film program, starting freshman year, students shoot with digital cinema cameras, quality microphones, and digital audio recorders. Students edit in our digital editing facilities, manipulating images and audio with the latest postproduction software. The members of the Film/Video Department (administrators, faculty, and technical support staff) are all active, accomplished filmmakers, enthusiastic to share their experience with you, which is critical to your development.

Exposure and Opportunity

As a film major, you will have access that extends beyond Pratt into New York City itself. Your options for identifying new directions in the field are not limited to your Ways of Seeing Cinema class. You can visit cutting-edge galleries and microcinemas, world-class museums and film festivals—it’s happening all over the city. Opportunities for pre-professional experiences abound. You can join a film crew shooting on the streets of Brooklyn—or intern at places like the Museum of Modern Art, Saturday Night Live, or one of the countless independent companies that shape New York City’s thriving creative scene.

The future for the moving image is unpredictable and wide-open. At Pratt, we’re excited by the possibilities. Our mission is to provide you with the tools and techniques, an understanding of history, and a complex yet flexible interdisciplinary arts education, allowing you to guide us into that future.

Our recent graduates are already leading the way with their infectious pioneering spirit. They are directing films that have premiered at Cannes, Toronto International Film Festival, Tribeca Film Festival, Miami’s Art Basel, and numerous other festivals. Some alumni work as video editors and producers at prestigious media outlets including MTV, USA Networks, Entertainment Weekly, The New Yorker, People, and Time, while others are directors for established commercial production companies or form their own successful media businesses. We celebrate their accomplishments and look forward to yours.

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