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Minors allow students greater opportunity to add cross-disciplinary knowledge and competencies to their major program of study.
Photograph of a person wearing a red sweater while looking out of a kitchen window. The photo is taken from behind the person.
School and Department
School of Art,

The Photography Minor enables students from any major to gain a knowledge and skill set in the practice of photography. The minor consists of one required core course, Digital Photography, six additional Photography credits from a select menu of options in the Photography Department and six credits from Liberal Arts and/or History of Art and Design from a select menu of options related to the field. The flexible structure of the minor allows students to determine their own focus within the medium. The Photography Minor is open to any major in the Institute with a 3.0 G.P.A.

Minor Coordinator
Beth Gilbert

A person looks closely at a photograph in gallery with photos hung on white walls.