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Accreditation (ADE)

We assess the quality of our programs annually through a systematic analysis of how the learning opportunities we provide support and sustain teacher candidate performance. Our assessment process is one of continuous improvement as we regularly revise our programs based on what we find. Faculty are involved in making the necessary changes in our courses and programs and student voices are represented in the assessment process.

Pratt Institute’s Completers of Initial Preparation Programs:

2022-2023 14
2021-2022: 20
2020-2021: 21
2019-2020: 26
2018–19: 24
2017–18: 12

Pratt Institute’s Pass Rates—Title II Summary Reports

2022-2023: available 2024
2021-2022: 94%
2020-2021: 100%
2019-2020: 96%
2018-19: 94%
2017–18: 92%

Note: For confidentiality, Title II pass rates are omitted if a teacher preparation provider had fewer than 10 test takers. Here, we aggregate all tests taken by completers to give a more accurate view of the overall quality of our teacher preparation programs.


Our graduates report that they are well-prepared to work as art and design teachers. Upon completion of the program graduates say they were well-prepared to be caring professionals, to teach with sufficient pedagogical knowledge and instructional practice and to address issues of race, gender, ethnicity, culture, and disabilities. They also report having sufficient knowledge of students and student learning. 

1st year teachers said:

“The program really prepares you to reflect on your practice and ask all the time, “why am I doing this”? Why do I want to teach this class? (We reflect) on all the processes behind everything we do.” Reflection on the ADE program from a 1st year teacher (2020)

“I still create project examples that really help me with my students. I have each step prepared and then do a live demonstration for my class.” Reflection on the ADE program from a 1st year teacher (2020)

“Managing time has been something I thought would be a struggle but Saturday Art School has prepared me very well for managing a class and getting everything done.” Reflection on the ADE program from a 1st year teacher (2020)


Not all ADE graduates choose to stay in New York City or teach in the public schools. However, the 2022-2023 graduates who sought employment in New York City schools are all currently teaching.