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School of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Erica Morawski
School of Liberal Arts and Sciences, History of Art and Design

Development Design: Hotels and Politics in the Hispanic Caribbean reveals how hotel design came to represent ideas about development that variably coalesced and clashed with issues of sovereignty, national identity, and geopolitics.

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map of the Caribbean locating hotels under study

Cindie Kehlet, Jeanne Pfordresher, and Helio Takai
Center for Material Science

Most printed circuit boards are not designed to last long but they are difficulty to recycle because the copper can’t be separated from the resin board.

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view of the circuit board made from biodegradable material.

Jennifer E. Telesca, PhD
School of Liberal Arts and Sciences, Social Science and Cultural Studies

At a time of mass extinction, when one million species face their ultimate and final decease, evidence is mounting: deep-sea hydrothermal vents, scientists believe, are the birthplace of life on Earth.

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screen capture of footage of the Godzilla hydrothermal vent

Eleonora Del Federico
School of Liberal Arts and Sciences, Mathematics and Science

In the early 20th century there was a call to experiment with new materials and break free from the long-standing traditional methods of artmaking.

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x-ray view of a painting.

Lara Allen
School of Liberal Arts and Sciences, Intensive English Program

My research is on mental health with a particular emphasis on institutional abuse committed by “the troubled teen industry.” It focuses on the ways artistic practice can not only relieve but make use of what society deems mental illness.

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Uzma Z. Rizvi, SLAS and Can Sucuoglu, Information
School of Liberal Arts and Sciences
School of Information

The Laboratory for Integrative Archaeological Visualization and Heritage (LIAVH) makes connections between technology, archaeological data management, and heritage practice.

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Amy Guggenheim
School of Liberal Arts and Sciences, Humanities and Media Studies

In the belief that the dynamic collision between disciplines, personalities, and processes gives rise to experimentation, innovation, and inquiry, the Vision Room aims to revitalize our work and our pedagogy.

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two musicians setting up their instruments for a performance, one is near an upright bass and the other is behind a drum set

Rafael De Balanzo Joue
School of Liberal Arts and Sciences, Math and Science

The goal of the Transition Design and Resilience Thinking Workshop for Artist Migrants is to support cultural agents in successfully integrating in their new cultural ecosystem by giving them more tools to do so.

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