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How can we adapt our ways of making for a world in need of change? How can we involve our community more deeply? How will our impact be measured? Questions like these drive us. At Pratt, our research drives new creative futures that can pave the way for a more equitable, just, and sustainable world. In the process, our faculty, staff, and students lead research that deepens what we know about our world and the ways we engage within it.

Strategic Partnerships

For us, research is about the impact, support and engagement of community. Our strategic partnerships enable us to realize this goal through large-scale projects like the creation of our new Research Yard with CUNY City Tech at the Brooklyn Navy Yard, and a new public school for design and social justice with Bank Street College of Education.

Annual Research Open House

At Pratt, we define research broadly and inclusively. Our annual open house is a showcase of the breadth and depth of the boundary-pushing work that our faculty, staff, and students are doing.

Pratt Center for Community Development

In partnership with community-based groups, small businesses, and the public sector, the Pratt Center for Community Development aims to improve quality of life, create economic opportunity, and advance sustainable development in New York City.

Pratt Sustainability Center

As makers and as people who share this planet, we have a responsibility to deeply consider the impact of our work. The Pratt Sustainability Center supports research related to sustainability and provides Pratt’s students with tools they need to critically consider the materials that they use.

Spatial Analysis & Visualization Initiative (SAVI)

SAVI is a leader in geographic mapping, information visualization and design to support urban community change.

Center for K-12 Research

Pratt’s Center for Art, Design, and Community Engagement K-12 expands access to art and design education by creating meaningful exchanges between Pratt student and faculty, and local schools and community-based organizations. Discover the latest programs and initiatives.

Research Accelerators

Our Pratt Research Accelerators turn early ideas into real world impact. We provide a rich environment for research projects to grow, advancing them into startups, school centers, provost centers, and more.

Faculty Resources

Our team is here to help you further your research. Whether you’re working toward a funding opportunity or need project approval, we have a range of resources available.