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Pop-Up Drop-Off

Research Open House 2022

Hannah Bacsoka, BArch ’23; Defne Celtikci, BArch ’23; Ileana Hernandez, BArch ’23; Meera Ilahi, BArch ’23
d.r.a. lab
Duks Koschitz
Robert Lee Brackett III
School of Architecture, Undergraduate Architecture

The Pop-Up Drop-Off pavilion is an inflatable structure developed by a team of Pratt undergraduate architecture students (Hannah Bacsoka, Defne Celtikci, Ileana Hernandez, and Meera Ilahi) in a Fall 2021 Advanced Design Studio.

image of rendering of the inflatable with text: "Pop-Up Drop-Off. DRA: Design Research Architecture. Director: Duks Koschitz, PhD. Co-Director: Robert Lee Brackett III. Project by: Hannah B., Defne C., Ileana H., and Meera I.

The project investigates design activism around plastic waste in New York State using lightweight inflatable structures. The structure stands as a physical visualization of plastic film, waste-related environmental issues, such as plastic bag recycling.

The structure is an easily deployable inflatable drop-off location for plastic film recycling. The pop-up’s double saddle shape (created by a flat pattern consisting of rotated concentric squares that form tapering tubes) serves a dual function: the concave spaces act as collection areas while the convex ones form the roof of the tent.

This project not only collects plastic to be recycled but also encourages community members to participate in plastic film recycling and seek out permanent drop-offs at local stores for future recycling.

**Drop-offs are the only way plastic film can be recycled in New York State!**

The colorful, recycled patchwork inlay draws awareness to how much plastic film we use in our daily lives. The project is one that can be replicated and installed within any neighborhood to promote better recycling habits.

side-view elevation rendering of the inflated structure.
front-view elevation rendering of the inflated structure