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The Strength of a Scribble

Research Open House 2022

Katherine Williams, MPS Art Therapy and Creative Development ’22
Stephanie Condra
School of Art, Creative Arts Therapy

Frontline Healthcare Workers (FHW) have an increased risk of experiencing mental health challenges as a result of working through the COVID-19 pandemic. The Strength of a Scribble: Using Bilateral Art Therapy to Mitigate Traumatic Stress Among Frontline Healthcare Workers During the COVID-19 Pandemic investigates the efficacy of using an art therapy intervention created by the primary investigator to mitigate traumatic stress experienced by FHW.

image of artwork produced using bilateral method
Bilateral art therapy uses both sides of the body.

This intervention was designed to activate visual neuropathways, maximizing therapeutic potential by allowing participants to express themselves nonverbally through art making.

This research is intended not only to benefit participants, but also motivate them to share their stories with other frontline healthcare workers experiencing similar traumatic stress. The more we research COVID-19 based trauma, the faster we can establish solutions to mitigate traumatic stress and prevent future challenges.