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NFTs and Art Management

Research Open House 2022

Chang Liu, MPS ’23 and Sage Callen, MPS ’23
Dawei Li, Shenzhen Pattern Technology Co.
School of Art, Arts and Cultural Management

NFTs and Art Management: Disruptive Technologies and Application Scenarios in the Future will analyze the evolution of the market, investigate stakeholders, curate crypto art institutions, and explore co-ownership models and resale dynamics through collaboration with China’s NFT platform.

example of NFT artwork
Artwork by Yujianguancang from the NFT platform CryptoSpace.

Based on the use of blockchain technology that enables each transaction to be stored in a ledger via a proof-of-work (PoW) mechanism and NFT’s open architecture, we’ll use quantitative models to track the dynamics of art creation, bidding, buying, and selling to enable easy and fail-proof transfer of digital assets and future multi-scenario use.