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Transition Design & Resilience Thinking Workshop for Artist Migrants

Research Open House 2022

Rafael De Balanzo Joue
Pablo Calderón Salazar, LUCA School of Arts
Tània Costa, EINA
School of Liberal Arts and Sciences, Math and Science

The goal of the Transition Design and Resilience Thinking Workshop for Artist Migrants is to support cultural agents in successfully integrating in their new cultural ecosystem by giving them more tools to do so.

This is achieved by two intersecting processes: on one side, mapping the context where they work, and, on the other, how they position themselves. Both processes converge in speculative narratives that will project a desired scenario for them in their contexts.

This workshop is included in The Open Up project (OU) that explores how, in this era of of segregation and exclusion, culture could play an active role in allowing new forms of community relations to emerge.

person leans over a collection of stones in two infinity symbols that are side by side in the grass.
A participant at a previous Resilience Thinking workshop.