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Pollinators Pavilion

Ariane Harrison and Yuxiang Chen
Seth Harrison, MD
Co-Founder Harrison Atelier
Carlos Balza Gerardino, BArch & MArch Texas Tech, MS Arch Pratt
Zhenyang Chen, MS Computing, Georgia Tech
Hanwen Zheng, MS Computing, Munich
Zongguan Wang, Tongji University, MS Pratt
Dr. Kevin Matteson, UMO
Dr. Jerome Rozen, AMNH
Dr. Christine Grozinger, PSU
Sam Droege, USGS
Marius Amstutz, Hudson Timber FramingBen Dobson, Hudson Hemp/Carbon
David Goldstein, Hudson Hemp/Carbon
Bonnie Lei, Microsoft AI for Earth
School of Architecture, Graduate Architecture and Urban Design

The Pollinators Pavilion is an intelligent analogous habitat for native cavity-dwelling bees; it both communicates data harvested from its monitoring system, addressing the gap in scientific knowledge on native bees, and introduces these overlooked yet critical pollinators to a broad public, promoting biodiversity and ecosystem restoration.

students stand in front of a "slice" of the Pollinators Pavilion as Ariane Harrison talks about the project.[
Guerilla Science Workshop tour of Pollinators Slice with students from The BEAM Center.

Located in Hudson NY, the Pollinators Pavilion won an 2021 AIANY Honor Award and support from Microsoft’s AI for Earth Program since 2019.

Group of students sit in a semi-circle in the grass as they receive instruction on Governors Island
Guerilla Science workshop on native bees with The BEAM Center, Governors Island.

Ongoing research includes integration into climate literacy programing on Governors Island with Guerilla Science and in partnership with The Bee Sanctuary. In 2022, a new hempcrete Pollinators Arch will be installed at The Bee Conservancy.

Sign that says The Bee Conservancy in front of an installation of the Pollinators Pavilion
Pollinators Pavilion “slice” at The Bee Conservancy, Governors Island 2021 by Harrison Atelier.
Render of the Hempcrete Pollinators Pavilion with purple pigment highlighting the location at The Bee Conservancy.
Render of Hempcrete Pollinators Pavilion with purple pigment, The Bee Conservancy, Governors Island.
rendering of the hempcrete Pollinators Pavilion shows potential structure with three beekeepers standing close-by.
Render of Hempcrete Pollinators Pavilion, The Bee Conservancy, Governors Island.