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Mindfulness Collaboratory

Research Open House 2022

Rhonda Schaller and Esmilda Abreu
Sam Harvey
School of Continuing Education and Professional Studies

The Mindfulness Collaboratory is curious about the role of contemplative practices, mindfulness, and creative self-care on aiding focus, positive uplift, and resilience for the benefit of artists and arts leaders.

An image of a zoom screen share with an image of the Climatron at the Missouri Botanical Garden. A chat window is open with participants sharing how they are feeling in this moment.
Collaboratory participants check in before a mindfulness session.

We look at contemplative practices, including mindfulness and meditation, sitting and walking practices, and formal and informal expressions of self-awareness to aid artists and arts leaders in reimagining self and practice, business and audience during COVID. We met with eight groups of artists and cultural leaders throughout the United States over the course of two years to seed communities of practice and measured the impact of these engagements on flourishing and well-being.

The left side of the image features a zoom screen share that says Group Reflection and discussion time with the image of a bench looking at water. On the right are 8 squares of individuals of various backgrounds in various locations.
A group discussion during a mindfulness session.