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Research Open House 2022

Dhruv Mishra, MID ’22
Alexander Schweder
Co-PI’s from Royal College of Art:
Luisa Charles
Marco Da Re
Serra Umut
School of Design, Industrial Design

image of a tablet with hand holding special pen and Graphia tool on the screen of the tablet.
Using the pen-based inputs begins your journey.

Graphia is a graphic, tablet-based tool that helps children write essays in a creative and visual way, while simultaneously capable of diagnosing learning disabilities behind the scenes with an AI model.

image of a tablet with hand holding a special pen and Graphia tool on the screen of the tablet with three options to begin use: mind map, idea sketching, and text.
Users can select a variety of options to begin the visual essay.

It aims to tackle the vicious cycle of academic underachievement and mental health problems in less-privileged communities due to under diagnosis and inaccessibility to tests.

Finger selects a red dot on the left side of the screen, with text in the middle of the screen.
Users can use graphic means to sort and edit their essays.

The machine learning algorithm analyzes pen pressure, altitude, azimuth angle, and handwriting to provide a pre-diagnosis for dysgraphia, helping educators aid students with learning disabilities.

Graphia is a push toward a creative world that celebrates neurodiversity through its universal design.

Graphia’s back-end development and pencil detection helps educators and students.