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Research Open House Awards

Congratulations to this year’s award winners. We celebrate you, your accomplishments, and the future of your achievements.

Sustainability Award
School of Liberal Arts and Sciences

the potential key to unanswered questions about the source of life on Earth and the necessity of its protection. Jennifer Telesca’s research hopes to educate the public about these fascinating vents, while working with advocates in real time for their protection.

screen capture of footage of the Godzilla hydrothermal vent

Innovation Award
School of Art

This project seeks to analyze and explore potential futures, as NFT’s have disrupted the capitalist model of art and art making. By positioning themselves as analysts while students in arts and cultural management, these young researchers bring fresh perspective to this ever-shifting landscape.

example of NFT artwork

This year, we have two ties for the categories of Impact and Start-Up

Impact Award
School of Architecture

Students designed a functional and beautiful inflatable structure to not only bring awareness to single-use plastic, but also serve as a collection hub for plastic bags. Drop offs are currently the only way to recycle plastic film in New York State, so the structure becomes not only a collection point, but an educational touchpoint on permanent drop-off locations in the community.

view from underneath the inflated structure, showing the patchwork of plastic film from retail and grocery bags.

Impact Award
School of Information

One of the many impacts of the pandemic was the necessary shift to virtual and online engagement for museum and cultural heritage institutions. While in-person engagement may have returned, these organizations require guidance to improve the experiences of attendees to make sure they are meaningful, engaging, and accessible. The Center for Digital Experiences has worked with select organizations and is building a “playbook” to support this effort.

Both of these selections use design to create a more accessible, inclusive world.

Start-Up Power Award
School of Design

Graphia is a graphic tablet-based tool that helps children write in a creative visual way, while capable of diagnosing learning disabilities with an AI model. Hoping to end the cycle of academic underachievement due to underdiagnosis and inaccessibility to tests, the Graphia is an incredible support tool for both students and teachers.

Image of hand writing on the left side of the screen, with circle and analysis of pencil pressure and angle on the right.

Start-Up Power Award
School of Design

This biomimicry project assists individuals with less mobility and strength in one hand while they cook. The cutting board and relevant attachments are solutions that facilitate independence and empower its users in the kitchen.

A light pink cutting board with two attachments: one in green, one in orange.

People’s Choice Award
School of Architecture

More than two thousand people voted and this year’s winner is Kalye Toolkit: Streets for the Community, By the Community. We’re thrilled that this resource—which empowers community members to envision the future of their community with technology—was the clear favorite of the public.

hand holds computer tablet with Kalye program visible on screen and corresponding tiles on the table.

Congratulations again to all of our winners!