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At Pratt, we define research broadly and inclusively. When interdisciplinarity and innovation are second nature to the groundbreaking work done by our community, it’s hard not to push the boundary (and definition) of what is possible.  

The Research Open House is hosted by the Office of Research and Strategic Partnerships to celebrate, elevate, and cultivate the work of our faculty, staff, and students. Each year, all members of the Pratt community are invited to submit their work for consideration, and year after year, we see the breadth and depth of research being done at the Institute. This year we’ve seen projects that range from design solutions that consider underserved populations or spotlight concerns for the environment to analyses on community-building, wellbeing, and teaching that reflect our ever-changing world. And of course, projects that bring the fringe to the forefront. 

The Research Open House has remained online for its third spring due to pandemic challenges. However, we look forward to in-person events at our dedicated research facility, The Research Yard, scheduled to be complete in fall 2022. This new 40,000-square-foot cutting-edge facility will be located at the Brooklyn Navy Yard and will continue our legacy of creation and disruption in research and engaged practice. We can’t wait to host our researchers and research-enthusiasts there soon. 

The mission of the Office of Research and Strategic Partnerships is to uncover, communicate, and foster the creative future with Pratt faculty, staff, and students who can support research scholarship, community activism, and academic leadership.