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Thesis Publications

Each year, Pratt Photography creates a publication to accompany the MFA Thesis Exhibitions.

Poster for the School of Art M.F.A. Photography 2023 series with names of participating artists in large font on a black and white background.
A full page showing two black and white photographs overlapping each other. One shows a woman's head the other someone swinging a baseball bat. There is white type overlaid on top of the images.
A very dark black and white photograph showing what appears to be a path cutting through some grass. The grass is covered in leaves.
A bright almost techno-colored image showing a suspended eyeball beginning to eclipse a yellow circle floating in what looks like a red to orange gradient sky. A large face floats in a body of water. A second smaller face floats to the right of it.
A close-up photo of what appears like blue-dyed hair. A small part of the subject's ear protrudes through the hair. There appear to be printer lines running vertically on the image.
An image of a woman with an afro, smiling, is covered up at places by shards of a mirror showing the reflection of a figure with braids.
An older man holds a baseball bat straight out with both hands. He's wearing jeans and a brightly colored button-down short sleeve shirt. He's standing in a room in front of a large red curtain. A woman in a blue denim shirt is hugging him from behind. Her face is obscured.
A painting showing a red humanoid figure consuming something pulled from a second more abstract figure lying at its feet.
A blurry black and white photography of a man walking down the street wearing a long overcoat, suit, and headphones. A lamp hangs above his head in the frame.
A grainy black and white photograph of a woman on the streets of New York covering her face. She is in the foreground of the photo and is somewhat out of focus. Behind her is the entrance to an apartment building and other people walking on the sidewalk.
An image of bright abstract shapes and the body of a lanternfly are presented behind a shiny material like packing tape.