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Explore a multitude of media, techniques, and ideas reflective of contemporary sculpture and integrated practices in a dynamic learning environment. You will investigate diverse conceptual approaches, media, and processes through core studio and elective courses.

Naomi Larson BFA Fine Arts '22 Sculpture + Integrated Practices
Naomi Larson, BFA Fine Arts '22 Sculpture + Integrated Practices
Undergraduate, BFA
Fine Arts
School of Art
Courses Plan of Study

All first-year students take the Foundation program’s core curriculum, along with required art history and liberal arts courses, and begin the fine arts major curriculum in the fall of the second year. While continuing with their required art history and general education coursework, second-year students take more focused courses in their chosen area of emphasis, whether painting, drawing, printmaking, sculpture and integrated practices, or jewelry. In addition to their studio requirements, all fine arts students take a series of departmental seminars that address social, historical, and critical issues in contemporary art.

Beyond their major requirements, students may use elective credits to take courses of their choosing, to pursue a minor in a second field or discipline, or to gain internship experience. The senior year is focused on developing a self-directed body of work for the senior thesis exhibition in the spring semester. Departmental courses in professional practice help students prepare their portfolios and make a realistic plan for sustaining their careers after graduation through approaching funders, galleries, residency opportunities, and employers.

Ariana Tottenhoff, BFA Fine Arts '22 Sculpture + Integrated Practices
Rendele Collins, BFA Fine Arts '22 Sculpture + Integrated Practices

Students will:

  • Understand basic design principles with an emphasis on three-dimensional design, and the ability to apply these principles to a specific aesthetic intent;
  • Gain advanced abilities in drawing sufficient to support work in sculpture;
  • Understand the possibilities and limitations of various materials;
  • Gain knowledge and skills in the use of basic tools, techniques and processes sufficient to work from concept to finished product;
  • Have functional knowledge of the historical and contemporary movements and issues in the field of sculpture;
  • Demonstrate the development of a personal expressive style in one or more sculptural media;
  • Demonstrate the ability to create a coherent body of work and complete all tasks necessary to mount a public exhibition of that work in a professional manner.
Atlas Thomas, BFA Fine Arts '22 Sculpture + Integrated Practices
Sage Gentry, BFA Fine Arts '22 Sculpture + Integrated Practices