Associate Degree Programs at Pratt

The mission of Pratt’s Associate Degree Programs is to provide a professional and creative learning environment in conjunction with a rigorous career-focused art and design curriculum, balancing technical knowledge and skills with the development of critical thinking and conceptual abilities. These programs serve a diverse student population, both traditional and non-traditional, and offer two study-tracks: a career-oriented A.O.S. track, which prepares students for careers in the art and design professions; and a transfer-oriented A.A.S. track which positions A.A.S. graduates to transfer directly into the junior year of the Pratt B.F.A. Programs in Fine Arts or Communication Design.

Illustration Program Mission

The A.O.S. Illustration major within Pratt's Associate Degree Program is a career track professional program with an emphasis on both traditional skills and new technologies. Illustration students develop skills and proficiency in such concentrations as Advertising and Editorial, and expertise in current software applications and studio fundamentals such as Concept Visualization and Drawing.

Student Learning Outcomes

  • Students will demonstrate fluent understanding of art and design principles and practices while being articulate with the visual language, including an ability to cite historical precedents and apply theoretical principles to projects.
  • Students will demonstrate high competency with current design software and digital technology within their specialist discipline while also demonstrating awareness of how new media may affect their practice locally and globally.
  • Students will demonstrate effective critical thinking and research strategies while creating innovative solutions to problems and developing an awareness of the cultural and historical context of their work.
  • A.O.S. Degree students will effectively utilize a practical skill-set which also includes written and oral presentation skills, culminating in the production of a professional portfolio of a standard required to be competitive in the field with a view to creating a sustainable practice.

Degree Requirements: Two Years (Four Semesters, 66 Credits)


Requirements for AOS in Illustration, 2018