The mission of Art and Design Education is the preparation of artists and designers as accomplished educators who can work effectively with pupils in diverse cultural contexts and apply interdisciplinary perspectives in a variety of educational settings, including schools, museums, and community organizations. Students work collaboratively with their peers, community members, and professionals in the field, while they learn to develop lessons and construct environments that promote critical inquiry and creative practice. Through individual and community practices students become engaged artists, educators, and researchers. When students complete their degree program they are:

  • Competent and qualified in basic studio skills, specific studio areas, an understanding of past and present art forms, and current methods and materials in all fields and levels of art education.
  • Competent and qualified in their pedagogical knowledge and instructional practice.
  • Competent and qualified in knowledge of students and their learning as it relates to art education.
  • Culturally aware and are effective at supporting appropriate interaction in a variety of cultural, gender, ethnic, linguistic, ability and community contexts. 
  • Aware of themselves as learners and are able to synthesize and transfer learning to new, complex situations.
  • Students value community assets and are able to work with others towards the public good.