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AI generated image illustrating the usage of generative ai in the design process. There is a phone, a dress, a chat gpt prompt screen, a persona wearing a VR headset.
Images Co-created with Generative AI, Courtesy of SCPS students Sarah Sullivan, Louise Cao, Irina Kelly, Snigdha Kumar and Jeremy Rosenstein

Reimagine design work in the age of AI. Enhance your design approach by seamlessly integrating the latest AI-tools and methods for research, idea generation, and project execution.

Merge your current skills with Generative AI skills through best practices and newly developed design methodologies. Learn to craft AI prompts for maximum results, incorporate AI into your design workflows, and improve the human-machine experience as it relates to responsibility, equity, and safety.

The program consists of three modules:

Prompt Design

Master the skills of partnering with Generative AI tools by developing a new vocabulary and skill set, helping you incorporate it into your existing design process. Dive into the latest tools, examine trends, develop strategies for embedding AI in real-world applications, and then apply your knowledge in hands-on exercises.

AI-Enhanced Design Process

Seamlessly integrate AI into your design approach for research, user personas, journey maps, idea generation, and rapid prototyping. Apply your new prompting skills, uncover innovative tools, and identify the gaps in the current design workflow to create entirely new products, ideas, and opportunities. 

Human-AI Relationship

You already know how to use design tools, but there is more to understanding human-computer interactions. Get hands-on practice for this skill with assignments, discussions, and expert feedback throughout the course. Explore responsible and ethical uses of AI in your work and society at large. 

This program features small, interactive classes, real-time instruction (either in-person, or on Zoom), free access to software for remote use, and free access to designated campus labs. Students will earn a certificate upon successful completion of all required courses.

Approximate cost of the certificate is $3000. 

Learn about Finance Options here.

Certificate Requirements

  • Certificate Course in AI Design

AI Design classes also fulfill elective requirements of the following programs:

For advisement contact: