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Graduate Preparatory Courses

These courses prepare students with the skills necessary to enter a degree program. Gain the confidence and skills to pursue one of Pratt Institute’s master’s programs, or advance your creative career.

Please also check out our Product Design Foundation Digital Credential under the Industrial Design heading below.

Also see our Summer Intensives (Summer Credit Intensives, Four-Week Summer Intensives, and Two-Week Summer Intensives) for additional related course offerings.

Graduate Preparatory Course Summary List 


Architecture Immersion Studio (Graduate)  –  Summer
Architectural Mediums Primer  –  Summer

Industrial Design

You can take each course below independently, and/or you can now earn our Product Design Foundation Digital Credential by taking all three courses to showcase your design-based credentials and receive recognition for the knowledge and skills you have acquired.

Gain competency in the design process and its essential concepts related to 3-dimensional design, especially product design; and attain proficiency in the necessary skill sets to realize independent design projects.  

Please note the three courses below are also part of our Lifestyle and Collection Design Certificate Program; and both the Drawing for Product & Spatial Design course and the Rhino: CAD for Product & Spatial Design course are also part of our Exhibition Design Certificate Program.

Drawing for Product and Spatial Design – Fall and Spring
Product Design – Fall, Spring and Summer
Rhino: CAD for Product & Spatial Design – Fall, Spring and Summer

Interior Design

Drawing for Interior Design – Summer
Preparatory Interior Design Foundation  – Summer

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