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Do you have a passion for photography? Would you like to be a professional photographer or just shoot like one? This program will teach you the skills, techniques, and aesthetics to find your vision and create your own body of work and professional portfolio.

We offer a course of study that will take you through the fundamentals, intermediate, and advanced level classes in digital photography including the technical principles of photography and camera, lighting, esthetics, process, and individual creative vision.

Digital imaging, including retouching, color cor­rection, asset management and work­flow will prepare photographers for the new digital photography studio. Our courses are taught by professionals in small, hands-on classes with personal attention to guide you to develop your unique style. Non-certificate students are welcome to take individual classes as long as class prerequisites are met or they are admitted through a portfolio review.

Certificate Requirements

To receive Pratt’s Certificate in Photography and Digital Imaging, students must complete foundation courses, required core classes, and at least one elective. A foundation or required core course(s) may be waived for a more advanced course if you show competency—for exam­ple, through a portfolio review in the subject of the course wishing to be waived. Students without computer experience must begin with PMCG 180 Computer Comp (Mac). Design and typography courses recommended.

Application fee: $100, non-refundable

Required Foundation Courses

PMCG 422 Photoshop: Imaging I
PMCG 472 The Grammar of Photography
PMCG 500 Digital Photography I

Required Core Courses

PMCG 501 Digital Photography II
PMPH 485 Photographic Lighting I

Electives: Choose at least one

PMCG 425 Photoshop: Imaging II
PMCG 426 Photoshop Retouching
PMPH 471 Survey of Contemporary Photography
PMPH 481a Black and White Art Photography
PMPH 487 The Art of Photographic Portraiture


PMPH 520 A Portrait: Beyond the Image is a Story
PMPH 518 Intro to Fashion Photography
PMPH 524 Storytelling for the Still and Moving Image
PMPH 535 Photography Portfolio
PMPH 700 Photography and Digital Imaging Certificate Program Internship

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