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Learn how to create furniture from successful designers and experienced fabricators. Use outstanding Pratt Institute’s facilities to develop your own ideas through experimenting, making, and testing. Search for inspiration studying the human body, needs, and routines. Explore the fantastic world of structures, materials, and technologies. Gain and demonstrate fundamental workshop skills required in the growing furniture design and manufacturing business. Students may have the opportunity to have their work displayed on our School’s web gallery or blog DesignTerra, at the teachers’ discretion.

Certificate Requirements

This certificate program requires the successful completion of 160 hours of study, corresponding to five core courses. Students can complete the certificate program within the Summer Term through our 8-week summer intensive certificate program, or can spread their studies over the Summer, Fall and/or Spring semesters – please see details below.

Summary of Required Core Courses – ONLINE

XCSI-313  Furniture Design Foundation* — waivable upon portfolio approval
XCSI-314  Furniture Design Drawing and Composition
XCSI-316  Material-Driven Furniture Design Studio
XCSI-317 Professional Practices in Furniture Design

*Called “Furniture Design Intensive” in the Summer (XSI-313)





Design and model your own piece of furniture. The key premise is learning through making and testing. Working on full-size models and prototypes, develop a sense of human scale and proportion. Explore a variety of materials and techniques, gaining basic understanding of furniture construction and manufacturing. While developing individual projects, experience all stages of the design process, including research, ideation, development, testing, refinement, prototyping, documentation and presentation.

Note: This course is waivable upon portfolio approval by faculty: please submit digital portfolio (at least 2 pieces) to by 10 business days prior to class start date. The course can also be waived for students who complete the XSI-313 Two-Week Summer Furniture Design Intensive. Students will be expected to bring their own design tools and materials—following the instructors’ supplies list, to be provided upon registration. Total estimated supplies costs: $100.

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Learn how to generate, refine and communicate your furniture designs through different types of drawing. Develop fundamental two-dimensional and three-dimensional drawing skills. Explore axonometric drawing as well as two- and three-point perspective. Practice skating, presentation drawing and drafting. Experience different tools and techniques. Enrich your furniture design skills, studying composition, proportions and human scale. 

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Learn how to turn an initial idea into a real piece of furniture and go through all stages of the professional design process. Observe, search and experiment to find an inspiration. Create, evaluate, choose and develop your concepts. Use sketches, drawings, samples, models and prototypes to test and refine the proposal. Learn how to effectively document and communicate your projects to both your clients and contractors. This studio builds on the preceding courses. It deals with similar themes and methodologies but on higher level of complexity. This course includes a 6-hour shop safety training. Students will be expected to bring their own materials—following the instructors’ supplies list, to be provided upon registration. Total estimated supplies costs: $100.

Pre-Requisites: XCSI-313 Furniture Design Foundation or XSI-313 Two-Week Summer Furniture Design Intensive, and XCSI-314 Furniture Design Drawing and Composition

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Furniture design and manufacturing is a growing business in the region. Learn how to thrive in that exciting world. Develop and adopt your professional skills to the specificity of the market. Learn how to specify, plan and price your designs. Work on project briefs, time lines and costing sheets. Gain a basic understanding of ergonomics. Learn from professionals during study trips to leading furniture design and manufacturing company in the region.

Pre-Requisites: XSI-313 Two-Week Summer Furniture Design Intensive or XCSI-313 Furniture Design Foundation; and XCSI-314 Furniture Design Drawing and Composition Courses

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Learn to build virtual 3D models of parts and assemblies using Solidworks (parametric CAD software). Topics include: learning the interface, communicating design intent, building parts and assemblies using solid features, producing 2D drawings from Solidworks models, 2D and 3D sketch tools, associative relationships and parametric constraints, and basic rendering. No prior experience with Solidworks or other CAD modeling is required.

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NOTE: Students can opt to replace the Solidworks course requirement with the XIND-112-01 Rhino: CAD for Product and Spatial Design course.


Online self-registration is open for the summer term; and opens on July 17 for the Fall semester.

Registration Deadline: Five business days before each class starts.

Note: To request that the XCSI-313 Furniture Design Foundation or XSI-313 Furniture Design Intensive pre-requisite course be waived by faculty, please submit a digital portfolio to by 10 business days prior to the class start date of the certificate course(s) of interest to you.

Early registration is encouraged. After the deadlines, students may still be admitted only if space remains in the selected course or program.

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