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Arm yourself with the knowledge and strategies you will need to succeed in a creative career. Discover all of your career options while learning best practices in marketing communication, copyright law, and licensing. Hone your craft through a robust selection of elective classes. Position yourself strategically with a professional design portfolio and resumé.

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certificate requirements

PMFD-750     Introduction to Creative Careers
PMFD-751     Introduction to Marketing Communications
PMFD-301B Project/Portfolio Development

Adobe Creative Cloud (choose one)

PMCG-202    Introduction to Adobe Illustrator
PMCG-420    Adobe Illustrator Advanced
PMCG-422    Introduction to Photoshop
PMCG-425    Photoshop Advanced
PMCG-303    Adobe InDesign
PMCG-406    Adobe After Effects
PMCG-509    Video Editing: Premiere Pro

Electives (choose three)


Discover the creative careers landscape for visual artists and designers. From staff roles to freelancing to launching an LLC, know your career options.  Learn how to protect your intellectual property through copyright basics and how to maximize distribution of your work through licensing. Get feedback and advice to improve your resumé.

JAN 23- APR 9 | 6:30–9:30PM
10 SESSIONS | 3.0 CEU’s | $950

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Artists and designers know that visual language is paramount to the value proposition their services and products communicate to clients and customers. Yet many overlook how they present their services and products in oral and written language. Develop marketing communication skills for your creative practice. From pitch to final copy, compel and grow your audience.

JAN 23- APR 9| 6:30–9:30PM
10 SESSIONS | 3.0 CEU’s | $950

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Your portfolio is critical to your success. Build a portfolio that emphasizes your specialty. Refine projects you have worked on during the semester with the aim of producing a cohesive body of work to market yourself/your brand.

APRIL 13–APRIL 29 | 9 AM–3 PM
APRIL 13–APRIL 29 | 3–9 PM
6 SESSIONS | 3.6 CEUs | $250

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Electives (Choose three classes within, or across, the following concentrations)

Branding and Digital Marketing

PMFD-318       Consumer Research and Insight Development
PMCG-319      Branded Content Marketing
PMFD-320      Experiential Art and Marketing
PMGD-478      Brand Design and Corporate Identity
PMSM-109      Digital Marketing

CAD Design

PMA-401       Introduction to AutoCAD
PMA-402       AutoCAD Advanced
PMA-406A     Introduction to Revit
PMA-412A     Revit Advanced
PMCG-223    Introduction to 3ds Max: Modeling and Rendering
PMCG-240    3ds Max Advanced

Event Planning

PMFD-106     Event Planning


PMFD-100     Survey of Western Dress
PMFD-105     Fashion Illustration
PMFD-101     Textiles for the Fashion Industry
PMPH 518     Fashion Photography
PMPH-509    Fashion Video Production
PMFD-107      Fashion Styling for Video Production 

Graphic Design

PMCG-475    Introduction to Graphic Design
PMGD-466    Introduction to Typography

Motion Graphics

PMCG-507    Introduction to Motion Graphics
PMCG-602    Motion Graphics Portfolio

Photography and Video Production

PMFD-750     Visual Language for Video 
PMCG-509    Video Editing: Adobe Premiere Pro
PMPH-507    Video Storytelling
PMPH-509    Fashion Video Production
PMCG-506    Video Art
PMCG-500    Introduction to Digital Photography and Adobe Lightroom
PMPH 472     The Grammar of Photography
PMPH 518     Fashion Photography
PMPH 485     Photographic Lighting

Web Design

PMCG-250    Introduction to Web Design
PMCG-316    Coding I: Introduction to Web Development
PMCG-324C Coding II: Web Development Advanced
PMCG-485    WordPress for Designers
PMCG 480    Experimental Typography for The Web

UX/UI (additional fees may apply)

PMCG-802    Visual Artifacts in User Experience
PMCG-803    User Experience Design Research
PMCG-804    User Interface Visual Design and Prototyping
PMCG-901    Digital Product Design

 Additional classes from the SCPS catalog may be counted as an elective with prior approval.