The Technique and Language of Perfumery
Advanced Perfumery

Pratt CCPS and Cinquième Sens are proud to announce this new certificate program in perfumery. Since 1976, Cinquième Sens has been active both in the creation of perfumes and the transmission of a true perfume culture. Cinquième Sens is a training methodology open to perfumery professionals with a desire to learn the language of scent. Cinquième Sens’s team of perfumery experts have teamed with Pratt Institute to share its passion for fragrances and raw materials with individuals and professionals in the development of the certificate programs in perfumery.

Recommended audience: Marketing professionals in perfumery brands or fragrance houses, perfumery distribution or fragrance enthusiasts.

Certificate Requirements

There are just two career tracks in this certificate program.

The Technique and Language of Perfumery and Advanced Perfumery

  • Each track has a course that totals 18 hours.
  • Upon completion of the 18-hour course in either track you will receive a certificate of completion.

Application Fee: $100, non-refundable

Registration Deadlines

Two weeks prior to course start dates. Exceptions are allowed based on space availability. Register early and order your olfactorium to purchase. Cost: $250

Career Tracks

The Technique and Language of Perfumery
PMPF 310
– tuition $950 plus $10 registration fee
Experience a voyage into the world of per- fumes, test your sense of smell, and review the whole fragrance process from concept to market product. Smell the key raw materials, understand the fragrance structure, and memorize the various olfactive families.

Explore the sense of smell: physiology of olfaction, olfaction and emotions; the world of perfumery from the perfumer’s formula to manufacturing and distribution; the perfumer’s palette: natural raw materials, molecules, specialties, and reconstitutions; the fragrance composition: profile, structure, perfume families, technical and regulatory aspects; the language of perfumery: analytical and emotional; and the key role of words and spoken expression. This course is intended for marketing professionals in perfumery brands or fragrance houses, perfumery distribution or fragrance enthusiasts.

The Advanced Perfumery Course: One
PMPF 311
– tuition $1100 plus $10 registration fee
Advance your skill level in this course, which is a continuation of “The Technique and Language of Perfumery” course, PMPF 310. Improve your olfactive skills, master fragrance classification, memorize key raw materials and their illustration in market products, and develop your perfumery culture. You will review olfactive families of citrus, aromatic, new freshness, marine; floral, aldehydic, green, fruity; woody, spicy, powdery, gourmand, musk; and chypre, oriental, leathery, ambery, and fougere. You will also study the key raw materials in each olfactive family (naturals, synthesis ingredients, and specialties), key fragrances, and latest launches in each olfactive family (women’s and men’s fragrances).

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