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Perfumery at Pratt

Pratt Institute’s School of Continuing and Professional Studies proudly collaborates with Cinquième Sens to be the exclusive New York City provider of the Certificate Program in Advanced Perfumery. Additionally, we offer a Fragrance Creation Workshop, a hands-on opportunity to explore the artistic work of perfumers and make your own perfume.

Since 1976, Cinquième Sens, an acclaimed perfumery school in France, has been a global leader in the creation and culture of perfumery operating in Paris, New York, South America, Asia, and Australia.

Experience a superior professional perfumery education with an outstanding faculty.



Advanced Perfumery Certificate


Certificate Requirements and Fees

The certificate requires successful completion of 36 hours of classroom time. Each required course is 18 hours. Fragrance enthusiasts and industry professionals will receive a certificate upon completion of each of the following courses:

PMPF-310 The Technique and Language of Perfumery by Cinquième Sens
PMPF-311 Advanced Perfumery

Certificate Fee: $100, nonrefundable

The certificate program provides excellent exposure to the secrets
 of the perfume industry and a well-rounded introduction to the various facets of fragrance creation. You
 will learn the language that defines a perfumer’s vocabulary and informs their palette. Awaken and cultivate 
a new, more refined “sense of smell.” Garner knowledge that can be beneficial to an entry-level position within the perfume industry. 

Advanced Perfumery Certificate courses are held on the Brooklyn Campus in the Activity Resource Center Building, Lab D6 unless otherwise noted.

The Technique and Language of Perfumery by Cinquième Sens


Experience a voyage into the world of perfumes, test your sense of smell, and review the whole fragrance process from concept to market product. Smell the key raw materials, understand the fragrance structure, 
and memorize the various olfaction families. Explore the sense of smell—physiology of olfaction; olfaction and emotions; the world of perfumery, from the perfumer’s formula to manufacturing and distribution; the perfumer’s palette: natural raw materials, molecules, specialties, and reconstitutions; the fragrance composition—profile, structure, perfume families, and technical and regulatory aspects; the language of perfumery—analytical and emotional; and the key role of words and spoken expression. This course is intended for marketing professionals in perfumery brands, fragrance houses, or perfumery distribution, and fragrance enthusiasts. 

JUNE 3–JULY 15 | 9:30 AM–12:20 PM
6 SESSIONS | 1.8 CEUs | $1,095

A $35 fee covers the cost of materials shared among students in class.
Students have the option to purchase their own Olfactorium® (compact, portable palettes of raw materials). The Technique and Language of Perfumery course needs requires two: (Olfactorium® Introduction #1 and Olfactorium® Introduction #2) of 48 vials each. The retail price is $330 per Olfactorium® for Pratt School of Continuing and Professional Studies "Introductory Course" participants are eligible for the discount price of $585 ($660 minus a $35 course fee plus a $20 discount on each Olfactorium®). Please note: the $35 rebate can only be applied once, no matter the number purchased.

Advanced Perfumery


Advance your skill level in this course, which is a continuation of the Technique and Language of Perfumery course, PMPF 310. Improve your olfaction skills, master fragrance classification, memorize key raw materials and their illustration in market products, and develop your perfumery culture. You will review olfactive families of citrus, aromatic, new freshness, marine; floral, aldehydic, green, fruity; woody, spicy, powdery, gourmand, musk; and chypre, oriental, leather, ambery, and fougère. You will also study the key raw materials
in each olfactive family (naturals, synthesis ingredients, and specialties), key fragrances, and latest trends 
in each olfactive family (women’s and men’s fragrances). Prerequisite: The Technique and Language of Perfumery by Cinquième Sens

MAY 19–JUNE 30 | 9:30 AM–12:20 PM
6 SESSIONS | 1.8 CEUs | $1,247

A $50 fee covers the cost of materials shared among students in class. 
Students have the option to purchase their own Olfactorium®, The Advanced Course requires three: Olfactorium® AC1, Olfactorium® AC2, and Olfactorium® AC3 of 48 vials each. The retail price for each is $330. Pratt School of Continuing and Professional Studies “Advanced Course” participants are eligible for the discount price of $865 ($990 minus a $50 course fee plus a $25 discount on each Olfactorium®).

We suggest placing your order well in advance of the first day of class. For more information, call 855.551.7727.

About Raymond Matts
A renowned fragrance designer, Raymond Matts, possesses a wealth of professional experience in all aspects of the global fragrance industry.  He has held key roles in the strategic development of many prestigious brands, including Aramis, Tommy Hilfiger, Clinique, and Origins. Mr. Matts career encompasses more than 30 years of experience as a fragrance designer specializing in the design and development of fragrances for fine fragrances, and household, and personal care products. Currently, Mr. Matts designs his own line of fragrances under the eponymous Raymond Matts Collection Aura de Parfum label.  

Fragrance Creation Workshop

This workshop is not part of the Advanced Perfumery Certificate Program and can be attended without any prerequisite.

Become a perfumer apprentice and learn how to create a perfume. To compose a fragrance, perfumers not only use their creativity but also follow certain rules and methodologies. Learn about olfaction (the sense of smell) and study the importance of olfactory tenacity and intensity by practicing the basics of the olfactive pyramid: the top, middle, and base notes. Based on these skills, on your creativity, and on your personal taste, write your own perfume formula. Compose your perfume and evaluate it with your instructor, who will guide you through your three trials for each session. The first class will be dedicated to the creation of a perfume using the simple facets. The second class will focus on how to create a modern twist of historical and complex accords (using the simple facets from the first class).

Fragrance Creation Workshops are held on the Brooklyn Campus in the ARC Building.

JUNE 2 & 16 | COURSE FEE: $650
2 SESSIONS | .6 CEUs | 2:30-5:30 PM

Materials and Fees: A $70 fee covers the cost of materials shared among students in class. Students have the option to purchase their own an Olfactorium® for their own use outside of class. (Price: $160)

About Alexandra Hegeler
A global fragrance expert, Alexandra Hegeler has a wide expertise within the perfume industry, and has worked with many renowned fragrance houses, famous designers, manufacturers, and market research companies, in Europe and South America.

She managed all facets of perfume brand management for companies including Avon Cosmetics, Yves Rocher, and Cosmopolitan Cosmetics. Ms. Hegeler’s talented nose was her key to success as a sales manager for drom fragrances international. After sharing her love and knowledge about perfumes with Nose Who Knows in Southeast Asia, she now is a certified Cinquième Sens instructor in the United States. 


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