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Fashion photo by Paul Sunday
Photo credit: Paul Sunday

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Jump into fashion brand creative marketing through the first certificate program in fashion new media. Examine the new media landscape. Develop a vision. Create deliverables for target audiences. Finish with a market-ready, professional design portfolio and build your network in the world’s fashion capitol: New York City (all classes are held in the Pratt Manhattan Center).

Fashion New Media is a multidisciplinary program:

  • Branding and Digital Marketing (build a brand from the ground up, or grow an existing brand)
  • Graphic Design (communicate your message with typography, layout, color and image)

  • Photography and Video Production (become a photographic and video content creator)
  • Web Design (design blogs and websites)

Pratt Institute is authorized under Federal law to enroll non-immigrant, international students. International students are required to maintain a fulltime schedule, consisting of a minimum of 18 hours per week, during the fall and spring semesters. Optional Practical Training (OPT) is available to eligible international students upon completion of the Fashion New Media Certificate.

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Program Tuition

Approximately $6000 per semester, plus fees

Application Fee

$100, non-refundable

Certificate Requirements

Semester 1


PMFD-100 Survey of Western Dress
PMFD-751 Introduction to Marketing Communications
PMCG-422 Introduction to Photoshop
PMFD 301B Project/Portfolio Development


Choose three courses from list of electives (see below)

Semester 2


PMFD-318 Consumer Research and Insight Development
PMCG-303 Adobe InDesign
PMSM-109 Digital Marketing
PMFD 301B Project/Portfolio Development


Choose three courses from list of electives (see below)

Semester 3


PMFD-319 Branded Content Marketing
PMFD-320 Experiential Art and Marketing
PMCG-202 Introduction to Adobe Illustrator
PMFD 301B Project/Portfolio Development


Choose three courses from list of electives (see below)

Partial List of Electives for Fashion New Media:

PMFD-106 Event Planning
PMPH-508  Visual Language for Video
PMCG-509  Video Editing: Adobe Premiere Pro 
PMPH-507   Video Storytelling
PMPH-507   Fashion Video Production 
PMFD 107  Fashion Styling for Video Production
PMCG-506  Video Art
PMPH-518 Fashion Photography
PMFD-105 Fashion Illustration
PMFD-101 Textiles for the Fashion Industry
PMPH-485 Photographic Lighting
PMCG-250 Introduction to Web Design
PMCG-485 WordPress for Designers
PMCG-507 Introduction to Motion Graphics
PMCG-602 Motion Graphics Portfolio
PMCG-475 Introduction to Graphic Design
PMCG-425 Advanced Photoshop
PMCG-316 Coding I: Introduction to Web Development
PMCG-436 Adobe After Effects
PMGD-466 Introduction to Typography
PMCG-500 Introduction to Digital Photography and Adobe Lightroom

A required class may be substituted for an elective class with prior approval.


Explore marketing, advertising, and communications strategy for new media where traditional media (TV, print) and social media (social networks, user-generated content, blogs, forums, etc.) coexist. Discover a practical framework for understanding and solving some of the strategic challenges brands face with a wide range of qualitative and quantitative research methodologies.
JAN 23- APRIL 9 | 3–6 PM
12 SESSIONS | 3.6 CEUs | $950 


Execute a successful branded content marketing strategy. Whether you're trying to grow your audience on social media or sell a product in a pop-up store, having a targeted branded content marketing strategy is critical. The marketing landscape is saturated with content, especially in the digital space. Curate content marketing campaigns on various digital platforms that tie back to the brand and establish a connection between the brand and consumer, using authentic content. 
JAN 27- APRIL 6 | 6:30–9:30PM
11 SESSIONS | 3.3 CEU’s | $950

NEW — Experiential art and MARKETING

Create a branded experiential installation that is innovative, functional and engaging. Examine the history and increasing demand for experiences as marketing tools for brands and corporations. Deconstruct the meaning of “experience” while designing one that considers usability, advertising impact, and entertainment value.
JAN 22- APRIL 8 | 3-6PM
12 SESSIONS | 3.6 CEU’s | $950 


Artists and designers know that visual language is paramount to the value proposition their services and products communicate to clients and customers. Yet many overlook how they present their services and products in oral and written language. Develop marketing communication skills for your creative practice. From pitch to final copy, compel and grow your audience.
JAN 23- APRIL 9 | 6:30–9:30PM
12  SESSIONS | 3.6 CEU’s | $950 

Survey of Western Dress

Examine the history of apparel and accessories design, the business of fashion, fashion and technology, and fashion designers. Explore the relationship between the evolution of design and technological advancements (including mass media), the accomplishments of notable designers, and the changing structure of the business of fashion. Course content surveys trends from the beginning of the fashion cycle to the present with an emphasis on 20th- and 21st-century design.
JAN 27- APRIL 6 | 12–3 PM
12 SESSIONS | 3.6 CEUs | $950 

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Project/Portfolio Development

Your portfolio is critical to your success. Build a portfolio that emphasizes your specialty. Refine projects you have worked on during the semester with the aim of producing a cohesive body of work to market yourself/your brand.
APRIL 13–APRIL 29 | 9 AM–3 PM
APRIL 13–APRIL 29 | 3–9 PM
6 SESSIONS |3.6 CEUs | $250 

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Learn to access the communicative power of dress through hands-on, collaborative experiences.  Work with student creatives and directors to develop visual concepts.  Create ensembles for short fiction videos, music videos, and fashion-branded content and work on-set to dress models/actors, create professional-quality reference photos, and style models/actors as needed during video shoots.  This class runs cooperatively with PMPH- 509 Fashion Video Production.
JAN 22–APRIL 8 | 9 AM–12 PM
12 SESSIONS | 3.6 CEUs | $950 

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Develop a compelling visual style for fashion videos with an understanding of its commercial applications while gaining video production and visual storytelling skills. Through idea development, writing, and production, learn the mechanics of camera operation, framing, lighting, and audio, covering a variety of media creation techniques. Assignments include collaboratively shooting a fashion show in the field as a class project. DSLR required.
Corequisite: PMCG 509 Video Editing: Premiere Pro
JAN 21–APRIL 7 | 9 AM–12 PM
12 SESSIONS | 3.6 CEUs | $950 

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Explore the business of event planning, from basic tools and booking clients, to conceptualizing and executing events. Multiple types of clients and events, both personal and corporate, will be illuminated and analyzed, including the expansive industry of weddings. Finish with a final project that includes a comprehensive business plan for an event. Topics include: Contracts/Permits/Proposals; Marketing/Branding/Trends; Ticketed Events/Weddings/Proposals/Religious Events/Fundraisers/Parties; Catering/Vendors/Venues/Staffing; Decor/Flower Arrangements/Linens; Guest Experience/Working with Clients.
JAN 21–APRIL 7 | 12–3 PM
12 SESSIONS | 3.6 CEUs | $950 

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Fashion Illustration

Create a stunning collection of fashion illustrations with a variety of media. You’ll learn to illustrate faces, hands, feet, a variety of poses, clothing (dresses, tops, bottoms and more), and textiles. Discover the roles fashion Illustrators occupy in the fashion industry. Survey the work of fashion illustrators both past and present. Learn how to color correct your illustrations in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. Finish with a portfolio of your fashion collection. Prerequisites: None.
JAN 24–APRIL 10 | 12–3 PM
12 SESSIONS | 3.6 CEUs | $950 

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Explore the art and production of the fashion shoot, with an emphasis on editorial, advertising, and beauty tasks in a hands-on format. Develop lighting techniques for strobe and natural light. Learn how to produce your own photo shoots, scout locations, and work with models and makeup artists. Study the relationship between photographer, model, art director, and client. Prerequisite: Introduction to Digital Photography. Please Note: Students must work with a digital SLR camera. Please bring samples of your work to the first class.
FALL 2020| 1–4 PM
12 SESSIONS | 3.6 CEUs | $950 

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Survey opportunities for digital marketing: online advertising, blogs and social outreach. Examine methods for developing successful online brand-building and marketing strategies. Focus on how to drive traffic through SEO. Explore best practices for using social media for business. Discover how to collect data from sources, including website analytics, email blasts, abandoned email carts, and more. Learn how to parse the data, draw useful conclusions, and apply it to ongoing and future online marketing initiatives to improve results.
JAN 23–APRIL 9 | 12–3 PM
12 SESSIONS | 3.6 CEUs | $950 

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Textiles for the Fashion Industry

Study textiles and the textile industry with an emphasis on natural and synthetic fiber classifications, color applications, and weave classifications.  Develop a basic understanding of the common uses of specific textiles in the fashion industry (apparel fabrics, linings, interfacings, etc.).  Produce a swatch reference book.  Learn about textile care, discerning fabric quality, textile trends and trend forecasting.  Additional attention will be given to new advancements in textiles including the inclusion of nanotechnology in fabrics, the challenges of fabric recycling, and the ecological impact of the textile industry. 
Required text: Fabric Science Swatch Kit, 10th Edition. Allen C. Cohen, Ingrid Johnson, and Joseph J. Pizzuto. New York:  Fairchild Books, Inc., 2011.  ISBN: 978-56367-858-5.
JAN 27–APRIL 6 | 9AM–12 PM
11 SESSIONS | 3.3 CEUs | $950 

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More electives:

CAD Design
Creative Careers
Digital Product Design
Fashion New Media
Motion Graphics
Photography and Video
Web Design
UX/UI Mobile Design


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