build your brand

Understand who your audience is and how to reach them and persuade them. Build a brand story from the ground up, or grow an existing brand. Use brand positioning to cut through the noise of the marketplace. Understand why some campaigns thrive, while others fail. Design, package, and sell your ideas to brand stakeholders and clients. Activate your brand/marketing strategies through online outreach channels. Develop a portfolio.

Certificate Fee

$100, non-refundable


PMFD-102       Introduction to Communications Strategy
PMCG-201       Brand and Digital Strategy
PMGD-478      Brand Design and Corporate Identity
PMSM-109      Digital Marketing  


Explore marketing, advertising, and communications strategy for new media where traditional media (TV, print) and social media (social networks, user-generated content, blogs, forums, etc.) coexist. Discover a practical framework for solving some of the communications challenges faced by fashion, lifestyle, and consumer brands.

JANUARY 24–APRIL 11  | 3–6 PM

12 SESSIONS | 3.6 CEUs | $950


Engage in strategic thinking and design for new media. Start with the basic framework behind brands, a promise, voice and values, and progress to how brand stories are brought to life across channels with a focus on new media. A variety of visual inspiration will be presented, including video and print work from prominent fashion, lifestyle, and consumer/retail brands. The second half of the course deals with conceiving and executing creative strategies. Emphasis will be placed on the relationship between brand idea and campaign execution. Learn how campaigns can be reverse engineered to understand the creative process behind them, and how different kinds of media can be used together to promote brands and their products and services. You will develop an extension for an existing campaign as well as a new campaign for an existing, or new brand. By the last week of class, you will see new media as a combination of channels, each with the ability to engage and form deep connections with audiences.

JANUARY 24–APRIL 11  | 12–3 PM
12 SESSIONS | 3.6 CEUs | $950


A brand is everything a company, product, or organization represents in our collective consciousness. Learn the craft of brand expression and how it flows from brand strategy and business objectives to perception in the minds of consumers and the public at large. Gain practical experience in the systematic creation of corporate identities, marks and logotypes with established techniques that combine typography and symbology. Analyze brand systems and architectures through the lens of business verticals and customer experience. Gain exposure to real world scenarios that trigger re-brands, brand refreshes and new brand creation. Master the process of systematic brand design and presentation with a variety of assignments and exercises using Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. Prerequisites: PMCG 202 Introduction to Adobe Illustrator, PMCG 422 Introduction to Photoshop, PMGD-466 Introduction to Typography are a plus.

JANUARY 22–APRIL 9 | 6:30-9:30 PM
PMGD-478 | COURSE FEE: $950
12 SESSIONS | 3.6 CEUs


Survey opportunities for digital marketing: online advertising, blogs and social outreach. Examine methods for developing successful online brand-building and marketing strategies. Focus on how to drive traffic through SEO.  Explore best practices for using social media for business. Discover how to collect data from sources, including website analytics, email blasts, abandoned email carts, and more. Learn how to parse the data, draw useful conclusions, and apply it to ongoing and future online marketing initiatives to improve results.

JANUARY 22–APRIL 9  | 12–3 PM
JANUARY 22-APRIL 9 | 6:30–9:30 PM
12 SESSIONS | 3.6 CEUs | $950