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Interior Design, MFA

Graduate, MFA
Interior Design
School of Design


The graduate Interior Design program at Pratt, like its undergraduate counterpart, is an architecturally oriented program with emphasis on spatial design as well as surface articulation. All aspects of space—scale, proportion, configuration, and light sources, as well as textures, materials, and colors—are studied in relation to their effects on the life of its occupants. Our MFA enriches the academic experience through emphasis on cultural and technological innovation, interdisciplinary collaboration, and theoretical and applied research. It is a degree program for students who wish to study interior design as an academic discourse as well as a professional endeavor. The curriculum allows students to develop areas of specialization with concentration options that encourage interdisciplinary work and cross-disciplinary course relationships. Concentrations include emerging technologies, sustainability, exhibition design, theory, and self-directed topics. The MFA allows for expanding the graduate experience and enhancing the student’s areas of interest. Students are encouraged to take advantage of the many courses offered at Pratt that will enable them to fully develop their talents. Electives may be chosen from virtually any department in the Institute where an extensive selection of courses is available for individual pursuit. The program culminates in a thesis project developed in the final year of study. Work is done under the direction of thesis advisers and is completed within one year. The thesis provides the greatest possible freedom and opportunity for a student to pursue a selected topic in depth, building on the studies they have undertaken during their time at Pratt.

Applicants with an undergraduate degree in interior design, architecture, or other closely related design fields may be eligible to complete the MFA in two years, a total of 60 credits. A portfolio is required along with relevant information and their specific interests indicated in the application statement. Applicants with undergraduate backgrounds that are unrelated to interior design or architecture but whose applications indicate a strong aptitude for interior design graduate coursework, are required to take a qualifying year of preparatory study, a total of 24 credits, before they continue the MFA degree. These students complete 84 credits in three years. A portfolio for the qualifying year of preparatory study is not required. However, applicants are strongly encouraged to submit samples of creative and/or professional work from relevant disciplines, such as any of the fine arts, industrial design, fashion design, furniture making, exhibition work, communications design, or similar, and to discuss their interest in the application statement. 

Plan of Study