The MS in Packaging, Identities and Systems Design is the contemporary evolution of a degree first offered in 1966. The curriculum is designed to impart to students the knowledge and skills necessary to thrive as designers while offering the creative space to nurture personal passions. Graduates enter the professional world with a diverse body of work and the educational foundation necessary to become the next generation of innovative design leaders. The program welcomes students from diverse cultural, professional, and educational backgrounds. 

The MS in Packaging, Identities and Systems Design is a master’s degree that engages students in two years of immersive academic research and design production. The program’s coursework introduces students to the tools, theory, and skills necessary to address complex design challenges in two, three, and four dimensions. It demands that students work diligently to understand the problems they are being asked to solve and anticipate the adverse impacts their solutions may create. While the program is firmly grounded in real-world design practice, it encourages aspirational and speculative design activities as part of the student’s design production. The work produced during the course of study will be situated within a diverse definition of design. It may include complex branding systems, inventive solutions for sustainable packaging, virtual experience systems, innovative applications of nascent materials, or a perfectly designed perfume bottle. Students are expected to engage the skills and knowledge they bring to the program while also developing new, more complex capabilities. Upon successfully completing the program students will be prepared to enter a varied list of design practices within the industry. These may include branding and strategy, commercial and bespoke packaging design, entrepreneurship, sustainable design, or beauty and cosmetics design. Our graduates have built successful careers, creating influential work across the design marketplace. Our students have moved into careers in large corporations, small design studios, as well as launching their own design consultancies.  

The MS in Packaging, Identities and Systems Design is a full-time program with classes offered during the day and evenings. A minimum of 48 credits, completed within two years of study, is required for the MS in Packaging, Identities and Systems Design degree. Students accepted typically hold undergraduate degrees in graphic design or related design fields, such as industrial and interior design, architecture, fine arts, and media arts. We also welcome applicants from non-design fields, including communications and journalism, business, liberal arts, and the sciences.

To apply visit the Graduate admission and the departmental requirements for application

Academic Catalog 2021-2022