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“Smuld House”

By Huei-Tai Chen

MS Packaging, Identities and Systems Design, ’21

The term “Perfume” originated from the Latin words “Per” and “Fumum,” meaning “Through” and “Smoke,” respectively. The use of perfumes dates back to ancient times when people believed that burning fragrant plant materials could keep negative energies at bay. The smoke generated from the burning materials was also believed to extract the essence or “soul” from the raw materials and disperse it into the environment.

This product line provides customers with all-natural raw fragrance ingredients and simple tools to create personalized scents. The line is designed to allow for the customization of scents for individuals and their living spaces. Personalized fragrance combinations can be achieved by mixing and matching various ingredients in different quantities. Each scent created is unique and serves as an individualized representation of the user’s identity.