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“SIZI” Product and Retail System

By Kazuha Otake

MS Packaging, Identities and Systems Design, ’21

This project aims to develop a visual and haptic language for packaging design that transcends specific languages, letterforms or graphic symbols, relying instead on texture, form, tone, and materials to communicate. The designer created a new line of Japanese spices called “SIZI” based on the concept of haptic design that reflects the unique sensitivity and refined taste of Japanese culture. The overall branding solution features a hairline cutting through a perfect circle that symbolizes the refined and delicate nature of Japanese spices. The structural packaging solution utilizes a variety of sensitive tactile substrates and the letterforms are based on the Japanese Katakana letters. The subliminal graphic solution complements the brand’s haptic design. To further enhance the sensory experience, the designer created a multi-use fabric bag to replace the standard shopping bag, matching the branding concept and other designs.