Architecture First-Professional M.Arch (Fall only) Brooklyn campus

Graduate Architecture offers a three-year professional degree; two years with advanced standing for eligible students.

The 84 credit, six-semester (or 56 credit, four-semester with advanced standing) (fall entrance, Brooklyn campus only) professional degree program is carefully orchestrated across three years.

Year 01 introduces students to a variety of technologies, methods, and modes of approaching architecture. While all of the courses are related, they also dive deeply into their four curricular areas (Design, History-Theory, Architectural Mediums, and Building Technologies) allowing students to gain an understanding of the differing praxes that influence architectural design. Studio projects transition from a focus on the mediums and methods deployed to develop a design to a focus on the qualities, interiority, and use of a building. The courses both engage first principles as well as cutting-edge thinking and practices. For students with an interest in Directed Research and who want to extend their learning through the summer two International Programs in Havana and Rome offer students an introduction to those themes as well as a seminal understanding of how to see and engage the city as an architect. Both courses may be taken consecutively.

Year 02 introduces students to a wider array of urban, contextual, theoretical, and ecological issues, while demanding an increased proficiency technically and in the use and understanding of architectural media. Courses and their content become increasingly interrelated throughout the year, requiring students to engage all praxes of design and increasingly higher degrees of design and theoretical modalities. This year is intended to bring students to the cutting-edge of the discipline, the profession, and their related praxes, preparing them to engage in Directed Research with faculty. In semester four, students select their studio faculty, work in teams, select an area of specialty for Architectural Mediums Three, and are able to take their first elective. M.Arch Advance Standing (AS) students are required to take History-Theory two this semester (in place of an elective) and may wish to extend their learning through the summer by taking one or both of the International Programs in Havana and Rome, which fulfill a portion of their Architecture Elective requirements.

Year 03 offers students an opportunity to work closely with faculty through Directed Research electives and design studios to develop their individual project, and understanding of architecture and its multiplicity of related praxes. Students select most of their courses in this year and holistically chart their individual path according their Directed Research interests. Subjects and course offerings throughout this year may change annually with the goal of exposing students to a wide array of leading regional, national, and international designers and thinkers.

Entering M.Arch students are encouraged to take a two-week, (non-credit) summer Primer course prior to entering in the Fall. The course will acquaint them with the design methods and discourse specific to the GAUD, and occurs shortly before the Fall semester begins. Students with a strong interest in exposure to those subjects may also consider taking the Immersion Studio, which occurs in July.

M.Arch (AS) students enter in semester three of the Core Design Studio, Core Building Technology, and Core Architectural Media sequence, while entering semester one of the Core History-Theory sequence. They have two required courses in the Fall of their second year (Year 03). A two-week, preliminary required Primer course (commencing several weeks prior to the start of school and specifically designed for this cohort) assists in preparing M.Arch (AS) students for the Fall semester. 


Requirements for Master of Architecture-Prof

  • Semester 1

    Complete these courses.

    ARCH-601 Design 1: Media & Methods

    ARCH-611 Mediums 1: Modeling & Drawing

    ARCH-631 Structures 1: Structure as Medium

    ARCH-651 H/T 1: Six Crises of Representation in Architecture

  • Semester 2

    Complete these courses.

    ARCH-602 Design 2: Interiorities & Contexts

    ARCH-612 Mediums 2: Advanced Modeling & Drawing

    ARCH-632 Structures 2: Materialities and Qualitie Qualities

    ARCH-652 H/T 2: Design, Knowledge, and Context

  • Semester 3

    Complete these courses.

    ARCH-703 Design 3: Urban Qualities & Materials Materialities

    ARCH-753 H/T 3: Materiality and Cities

    ARCH-761 Technology 1: Environmental Controls

    ARCH-762 Technology 2: Materials & Assemblies

  • Semester 4

    Complete these courses plus 3 credits Architecture Electives

    ARCH-704 Design 4: Integrated Contexts & Mediums

    ARCH-763 Technology 3: Integrated Building System Systems

    ARCH-713A Mediums 3: Architectural Fabrication

  • Semester 5

    Take these credits plus 6 credits of Distribution Elective .

    ARCH-805 Design 5: Advanced Design Research 1

    ARCH-861 Professional Practice

  • Semester 6

    Take these courses and 9 credits Distribution Elective.

    ARCH-806 Design 6: Advanced Design Research

Application Requirements

Architecture First-Professional M.Arch (Fall only) Brooklyn campus

Applicants must have received a bachelor's degree from an institution in the United States that is accredited by a recognized regional association or have been awarded the equivalent of the bachelor's degree from an international institution of acceptable standards. Applicants must present a portfolio providing evidence of their interest in architecture or their visual sensibility through the media of their choice—photography, drawing, essays, videos, etc. Portfolios must be submitted online at The GRE is required. The GRE code is 2669.

Architecture First-Professional M.Arch WITH ADVANCED STANDING (Fall only) Brooklyn campus

Advanced standing is awarded to applicants with exemplary design capabilities and who have taken studios, structures and media-based classes equivalent to those offered in year one prior to entrance. It is awarded at the discretion of the Admissions Committee and the Chairperson of Graduate Architecture and Urban Design. Applicants should have received a bachelor's degree in architecture equivalent to a Bachelor of Science. Applicants must present a portfolio providing evidence of design work from multiple architecture design studios. Students interested in applying for advanced standing need to designate this on their Statement of Purpose in the application. Interviews may be scheduled for students requesting advanced standing on campus, off-campus, by Skype, or by phone. Portfolios must be submitted online at The GRE is required. The GRE code is 2669.