Post-Professional Architecture MS (Summer entrance only), Brooklyn campus

The 36-credit, three-semester (summer, fall, spring — Brooklyn campus only) post-professional program begins with an intensive summer semester concentrating in design methodology, architectural media, and materially-based theory. The second semester design studio allows students to select an area of design expertise (visualization or fabrication) and is complemented by seminars that enrich a disciplinary understanding of the pertinent subjects. The “Culminating Project” is the capstone of the program where (in the third semester) students galvanize the work from earlier semesters within the GAUD Directed Research framework. Here, students directly engage members of related industries and the arts in an extra-disciplinary setting, produce a booklet, and participate in one or more exhibitions that offer the opportunity to fabricate portions of their design proposals at full scale. The specific site and subjects of the studios vary on an annual basis and students may be required to work in teams in the second and/or third semester.

This program begins in Summer only and ends in Spring for a total of three consecutive semesters.  Select projects and students/teams may be funded to develop their project after graduation with other partners and parties. All students may elect to extend their studies into a fourth, summer semester by participating in one of the two three-credit International Program seminars. 


Requirements for Master of Science, Architecture


Application Requirements

Post-Professional Architecture MS (Summer entrance only), Brooklyn campus

Applicants must have received a Bachelor of Architecture (five-year program) from an accredited school of architecture. These programs are three semesters, beginning in summer and ending in spring.  Applicants should submit all materials as early as possible in order to ensure enough time to review and make decisions and in the case of international students to get the I-20. Ideally, applicants (particularly international applicants) should submit all materials including portfolio by December 1. Applications will be accepted after the deadline of January 5 only if there is room. Portfolio should be submitted at In exceptional circumstances, licensed architects with extensive professional work experience but without the five-year professional degree may ask for special consideration and review of their portfolio to establish proficiency for admission. The minimum required TOEFL score is 79 (Internet), and the required IELTS score is 6.5.

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