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The Graduate Architecture and Urban Design (GAUD) program at Pratt Institute’s School of Architecture is a progressive design environment for advanced architectural research located in Brooklyn, New York, arguably the epicenter of cultural and architectural development in New York City. The programs within the GAUD engage in live cultural debate and speculation via integrative architectural production and Directed Research. They capitalize on the assets of our esteemed faculty and enmesh design research, theory, architectural media, and technological investigations in a manner that fosters “circular” thinking and methodologies. To this end, Pratt Institute’s GAUD seeks to develop a high level of disciplinary precision, adroit technical ability, and a deep understanding of architecture and urban design that allows students to engage questions and challenges which both the profession and discipline are facing now and in the future.

Recent courses at Pratt Institute’s GAUD generally examine the impact of how we understand architectural context and/or architectural mediums. Both areas of focus are seen as key issues integral to the development of cities and buildings within the geopolitical and environmental frameworks emerging in the 21st century. The Directed Research platform and courses provide a vehicle for these explorations and encapsulate a wide array of subjects and student interests. Courses have speculated upon  urban densification, architectural alteration, and building conservation, among other environmentally pertinent issues related to context. An equivalent number of courses have investigated ideas such as the use of augmented reality, the use of carbon fiber composites, the use of robotics and pre-fabrication, and the use of color, horticulture, and other media and mediums in the live experience of architecture. Each of these strains of investigation engage extra-disciplinary partners and participants from the international, national, and greater New York City professional and academic communities.  

The Graduate Architecture program offers three degrees: Master of Architecture (M. Arch.) (First- professional), Master of Science (M.S.) in Architecture (post-professional), and (M.S.) in Urban Design (post-professional). Advanced Standing within the Master of Architecture degree is available for qualifying students: visit the “Graduate Architecture (M.Arch)" page.

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