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Research Open House Awards

Congratulations to this year’s in-person Research Open House award winners. We celebrate you, your accomplishments, and the future of your achievements.

People’s Choice Award – 

two people, in gallery room, discussing in front of oval vase sculptures in various materials
Greg Sheward (far right) and Jason Vigneri-Beane (far left) at the Research Yard interacting with Research Open House attendees.

Sustainability Award – The research that best represents the importance, possibilities, or the future of sustainability.

  • Awarded to: Helio Takai and Cindie Kehlet, School of Liberal Arts and Sciences, and Karol Murlak, School of Design, for Aqua-Sacs 
Helio Takai presenting his winning project and research accelerator, the Environmental Exploration Lab, which has permanent space in Pratt’s new research facility where the event took place.

Innovation Award – The research that offers the most unique approach to the research/creative process or the most unique outcome.

multiple people in a computer lab, working on screens, very happy and enthusiastic about what is being worked on
Meta Brunzema explaining the project she’s working on that received a DEI Seed Grant earlier this year.
man, standing in front of graphic detailing research open house, smiling, wearing patterned shirt with fish
Anthony Cocciolo standing by his research poster, which contains information on his award winning project.

Impact Award – The research that shows the greatest impact in the local community, and/or national community, and/or in the scholarly community, and/or in business or government.

Start-Up Power Award –  The research that suggests the great possibility to become a for-profit start-up or a non-profit organization. Awarded to: Lawrence Blough, David Burney, and Deborah Gans, School of Architecture, for the Co-Housing Center

professor and student, in lab, speaking
Lawrence Blough at the Research Open House on March 10th, 2023.