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3D Printing Architecture / Next-Gen Urban-Tech / Automated Robotic Construction

Research Open House 2023

Ajmal Aqtash,
Undergraduate Architecture

Gantry-crane meets robot form-factor to create flexible and collaborative production methods for additive construction to meet the growing demand for housing. The research effort explores automated 3D-printing models (gantry printing vs. factory printing vs. curb-side printing) in practice currently, and asks questions related to determining the extent of automation on a construction site and developing a new framework for the hardware, and utilizing the new framework/form-factor to explore, develop, and produce a series of architectural case studies evaluating the potential for an organic design approach to additive layering, and more importantly, to better understand methods of layering and its impact on the construction industry. Rigorous effort and focus are placed on developing a series of topological taxonomies of typical and atypical conditions to recognize the total array of transitional relationships between the column, the floor, and the wall via a structural undertone.