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Research Open House

people gathered in a gallery, circled around the New York Alive installation, with one person on a microphone demonstrating with another person. Installation is made of paper and cardboard, with hand written signs and art in a boxed grid, with a large cut-out of a rat on the top-- with the words
Interacting with "New York Alive!," which includes the use of data taken from datasets like 311 complaints.
Artwork consisting of gridded drawings
A three-dimensional, transformable collage book used as a therapeutic method of addressing aspects of eating disorder etiology.

Research energy, ideas, innovation, and scholarship can be found throughout Pratt Institute. Pratt faculty, staff and students are changing the world of research in design, creative advocacy, networked information, architectural structures, and so much more. At Pratt, our goal is to uncover, communicate, cultivate and celebrate our scholarship, activism, and academic leadership. The annual Pratt Research Open House, which began in Spring 2018 with an in-person tour of a handful of research demonstrations, has grown over the years to include research in every school at Pratt where more than 50 Pratt-affiliated research projects are presented either in-person and/or online.

“We are excited to share with the wider community each year the incredible variety of community-based research and advocacy that Pratt’s faculty, staff and students lead.  Our annual Research Open House events, whether online or in-person can offer research inspiration and creative solutions that can transform our world,” said Dr. Allison Druin Vice Provost for Research and Strategic Partnerships.

Whether you are from industry, government, the local or national community, we invite you to our annual Research Open Houses. Since 2020, we have had an active online presence all year long, so feel free to explore our research anytime of the year by wandering our webpages. And each spring, look for announcements about our in-person Research Open House events.

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